Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm 2.0


This Kit Includes:

  1. Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm
  2. Fourth Arrow Shoulder
  3. Fourth Arrow Base
  4. Ratchet Straps
  5. Fourth Arrow Tool

Weight only: 1 lb 10oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Base, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 4 lb 14 oz
Length of arm: 32.5 inches
Total Reach: 38.5 inches
Rated for: 7lbs


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When every pound in your pack matters. When precision, packability, and performance is everything. Introducing the original and first ever Carbon Arm.

The Carbon Arm

The Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm is unique due to the material used. Carbon Fiber is lightweight, rigid, and warm to the touch, a quality much appreciated by cold weather hunters. It also utilizes our affordable base system. Our bases are a fraction of the cost of our competition, so filmers can now afford to leave bases in trees they hunt often, minimizing setup time, pack in weight, and noise. Furthermore,it utilizes the patent pending shoulder design- giving the filmer the ability to level their arm on virtually any tree or branch they desire.

This arm includes 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 thread options for Fluid Head mounting. Rated to seven pounds, 2017 Model

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 8 x 8 in
Shoulder / Base Variation

Regular Shoulder / Base, RUN-N-GUN


  1. Daniel Stefanoff

    This arm is LIGHT…but very sturdy! I purchased this for use when self filming hunts. Hauling your bow, gear, camera and mikes to your stand is tough enough without having to lug a heavy tree arm base and arm. This arm is perfect for my Canon HF G30 with a small fluid head. The best thing about the system is that even though we have the STIFF ARM PRO bases distributed in all of our stand locations for when we hunt as a hunter/camera man team, I can still use the 4th arrow shoulder from the Carbon kit in the pro bases and vice versa. Excellent design, high quality materials and adaptability at an excellent price make these camera arms tough to beat.

  2. Jimmy

    I like this arm a lot. It’s very lite it pals easy. Doest take much time to set up in the tree. It also is very smooth.
    I would highly recommend this for anybody who wants to selffilm their hunts.

  3. Alex

    I use this arm since last year and its awesome!! Probably the best camera arms ever created. I have a base in each stand location so it take a second to put the arm in place! the carbon is also quieter than alluminium

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