Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Pro


This Kit Includes:

  1. Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Pro
  2. Fourth Arrow Shoulder
  3. Fourth Arrow Base
  4. Ratchet Straps
  5. Fourth Arrow Tool

Weight only: 3 lbs 13 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Base, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 9 lbs 8 oz
Length of arm: 36 inches
Total Reach: 42 inches
Rated weight: 18 lbs



This is the premium rig for professionals. The ultimate combo of durability and precision. The Stiff Arm PRO has the “beef” to hold that expensive camera system of up to 18 lbs. With the tensioning lever tool on our patent pending ball joint leveling system, you can secure the arm at almost any level on a tree or branch. The stiff arm has the features of our other arms, but with increased strength all the way around. The base has double layered plates and comes with two heavy duty ratchets for increased security of your system. This arm includes 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 thread options for Fluid Head mounting. Kit also includes a Cam Lever to further secure shoulder/base connection. After using the Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Pro, you will never want another camera arm. This is perfection and strength.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 9 x 8 in


  1. Jeff Therrell Jr

    I just got my new camera arm in the mail yesterday, I opened the box and quickly assembled and strapped it on a tree with all my camera gear and I love it. Having the ability to own multiple bases that I can have in each of my different sets will be a game changer for sure. The arm supported all my camera gear just fine and is very well built. I’m running a Sony NX3,Manfrotto 701 head,Rode mic, and wireless. Looking forward to using it this coming season! thanks

  2. Daniel Stefanoff

    What a great product! The highly adaptable design will fit the gnarly, twisted oak trees we hunt perfectly. The ball joint design is sturdy and even with a professional line camera and heavy fluid arm extended straight out the design is very sturdy. In a normal half extended filming position the mount and arm are rock solid. The motion of the arm is fluid with just enough resistance to make movements fluid with no shake. With the modular design a person can buy several bases economically and simply leave them in different stands. No more hassling with strapping the base to the tree every time you hunt a different stand. The ratchet strap mechanism is very sturdy and withstood heavy torque when tightening the straps. Overall a very well built, sturdy design for a great price!

  3. Jerry Boden

    Had the opportunity to use my new Stiff Arm Pro tree arm for the first time this weekend and absolutely love it! The ability to climb into stand and already have the base setup is super convenient and creates very fast setup times. It held my DSLR with all the accessories rock steady and even managed to capture the first kill of the Kansas season. Thanks for such a great product!

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